Friday, January 9, 2009


I have been avoiding updating for quite some time and I am not sure why. The news has been good overall.

1. I am off the phentermine. I didn't start gaining weight when I transitioned away.

2. I tried intermittent fasting for a month and it was surprisingly easy. I would eat 2200-2400 calories 2 days and then fast on the third. This allowed me to maintain about 1500-1600 cal/day without struggling too badly. I found the days I fasted I would get hungry but never with the same edge as days when I tried to eat 1400 cals without phentermine to support it. Of course, if I did break the fast early, I tended to overeat badly. I am not sure I would recommend this strategy to anyone.

3. I have started biking instead of walking. My activity level has shot up and become much more consistent. I ride my bike to work every day I can weather permitting. My caloric intake has shot up, but with the exercise I am doing my weight is still going down. I had to stop fasting because I had trouble maintaining my activity level without eating more.

4. The bad news. I have been eating way too many carbs. Still, I have maintained weight-loss because the carbs work very well to fuel my biking. I end up almost carb-loading for the next day when I get home. I get veggies, fruit, some protein, and then lots and lots of carbs. I am working on recalculating my diet given the increased activity.