Saturday, September 27, 2008

From Malicious to Morbid

I had my monthly doctor's appointment yesterday and I now weigh 310 lbs. I am under 50 BMI. I'm now morbidly obese and not super obese. Yay.

Really, I'm happy though. That's a movement of 18 BMI from when I started about 14 months ago. I just don't want to celebrate yet; I still have a long way to go.

Originally I had set this as a very unrealistic 6-month goal. My much more realistic aim of losing 250 lbs in 3 years, putting me at 175lbs, is nearly 50% complete in about a third of the time. My doctor even offered to remove the skin tags on my neck for free if I could lose 200lbs.

All this makes me think back to why I started the diet in the first place: to prepare for a bariatric surgery. IN order to qualify my insurance required I complete a 6-month diet plan guided by a physician. Also, most surgeons fear operating on super-obese patients. Both those criteria are cleared, so, in theory, I am ready to go under the knife. However, surgery seems like a terrible idea right now. Why take the risk while the diet moves along well?

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