Sunday, June 1, 2008

Don't flush where you drink

I've only worked one day since I decided to stop eating at my desk. One minor failure when my mother stopped by and gave me a muffin.

Normally a muffin, would be a major blow, but in this case it was a very small no-fat muffin that my father made. They make a dozen muffins using oatmeal they grind up in a food processor instead of flour. As best I can estimate it's about 15grams of carbs or less. Much better than typical muffins which are 400+ calories on the low end.

Anyway, that's not what inspired me to post. I have been using water to blunt my cravings between "scheduled" snacks and meals.

While filling up my bottle I noticed something stomach-turning.

The water fountains are right by the bathroom. Whenever someone flushes, the flow into my bottle drops off by a half or more. I know the water going into the bottle is clean (as clean as tap water) but I still get a twinge of disgust when it happens.

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