Sunday, August 24, 2008

Crazy Crash Diet

Yesterday, Saturday, I ate about 950 calories. I cut my lunch, supper, and one snack by half and my planned calories per day is now at 1250. However, the first day I was trying this was Saturday. Instead of eating my planned 320 cal tortilla for supper, I fell asleep. That's crazy. I even woke up and took a walk today.

Even weirder, I didn't bother taking my phentermine until around 3 hours after I woke up. I wasn't hungry until my usual time.

Another thought I had. On saturday, I took the pill at 9AM because I was taking my brother to the airport (2 hours away). So, I was able to stave off cravings long after the pill should have worn off. As best I can tell from my reading, each dose is effective for 10-14 hours.

Of course, while I was figuring out my new menu plan, I realized that previously I was eating about 2150 calories per day and still losing weight. The slow down and backtracking didn't kick in until I stopped walking entirely and started eating out.

My scale at home is reading 325 and it's rather consistently measured 3 lbs heavier than the doctor's scale. Maybe tomorrow will bring big news.

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