Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting my due from the devil

I found a way to describe my feelings about phentermine.

Phentermine is the devil. If I'm going to make a deal with the devil, I want to get my due. This past month I did just that.

Went to the doctor today and I had lost 22 lbs since last month. Big, big swing.

If you look at the second tab on the chart (the one with the graph), you'll notice that I went from being 28 days behind schedule to being 37 days ahead of schedule.

Of course, only about 12 lbs of this is "real" weight-loss. The first 10lbs or so came off easily and so were most likely the water weight people always talk about. I had most likely gained that water weight back when I was eating out the month before last.

Also, I've managed to keep walking the past few days. I am still trying to make it into part of my daily habit. Just a morning walk everyday before work.

So today is good news, but it's hardly time to celebrate too much yet. I want to make the changes I am working on become habitual before the 3-months on phentermine is up.

I'm also adding a menu plan to the left hand side.

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